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Vocational Nursing


Program Overview

Holding Hands with Elderly PatientA 1588.5-hour comprehensive theory and clinical training program requiring three (3) terms of academic work and clinical experience which meets the Basic Curriculum guidelines set forth in Section 2533, Rules and Regulations of the Board of Vocational Nurse and Psychiatric Technician.

The Vocational Nursing Program shall include, but is not limited to, theory and correlated clinical experience which develops the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to care for clients of all ages in current health care settings.  The curriculum content is taught in a sequence that results in the student’s progressive mastery of knowledge, skills, and abilities.  Instruction is in English Language only.

The total hours of the program are as follows:

  • Theory = 576 hours
  • Clinical = 1012.5 hours


By  the end of Term I: Foundations of  Nursing and Basic Medical Surgical Nursing, students will:

  • Demonstrate  knowledge of the origins of nursing and role of the LVN.
  • Demonstrate  basic understanding and proficiency in the performance of basic nursing skills.
  • Demonstrate  basic understanding of the nursing process and its relationship to effective client  - centered care.
  • Recognize  and demonstrate basic understanding of different cultures and their  implications for client care.
  • Demonstrate  basic knowledge of disease prevention and the implications for nursing care.
  • Identify  the 6 rights of medication administration and explain the actions, possible  side effects, adverse reactions, and nursing interventions for each major drug  classifications.
  • Effectively  and accurately administer topical and oral medications for assigned clients in  accordance with physician orders.

By  the end of Term II: Intermediate Medical  Surgical Nursing, students will

  • Identify  the role of the vocational nurse related to the legal/ethical rights of  patients.
  • Demonstrate  increased knowledge and proficiency in the application of intermediate level  medical surgical nursing procedures.
  • Apply  the nursing process and create comprehensive teaching plans while caring for  assigned patients.

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