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Due to the severe shortage of nursing professionals, which is considered the largest healthcare profession in the United States, and as our population ages along with a healthcare system that is becoming increasingly complex, the demand for nursing care and service became more evident. Bay Area College of Nursing, Inc. (BACN), formerly Palo Alto Center for Healthcare Education, Inc.(PACHE), was founded in 2004 by Rachelle Cagampan, RN BSN MSN MPA, and opened its doors to fill the increasing need for skilled health professionals, particularly nurses, in the United States. BACN responded to the demand by educating healthcare professionals offering vocational nursing, anatomy and physiology, nursing assistant, acute care CNA, home health aide, and massage therapy course programs in the SF Bay Area with locations in Palo Alto, Daly City, and San Jose. Students can expect commitment from the institution and faculty members in helping them achieve their goal of becoming competent and certified or licensed healthcare professionals. The school aims to continue to leave an impact on other people’s lives and in the community through the application of the skills and knowledge that the students have acquired from the institution.

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Why should you go to BACN for Massage School?

Why should you go to BACN for Massage School?

Founded in 2004, Bay Area College of Nursing is committed to excellence in healthcare training. The school offers several programs and a strong community to provide...

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