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LVNLC Convention 2011


SACRAMENTO - Last week on April 7th & 8th, our BACN VN students and faculty had the opportunity to network with LVN members, other students, and guest speakers at the Licensed Vocational Nurses League of California (LVNLC) Convention held at the Lions Gate Hotel and Conference Center in Sacramento.  Topics for the convention covered: positive thoughts, preventing burnout for nurses, and legal aspects of defending your nursing license.  Some students were even invited to attend dinner with the BVNPT President, Mr. John Vertido!  Overall, we hope our students gained insight through this conference by interacting with guest speakers and other LVN/BVNPT members.


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Alumni Spotlight: Jashanpreet Singh (Batch 6)

School administrators indirectly teach students through the guidance they give teachers.  And today, with the student literacy levels becoming more of a problem,...


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Why should you go to BACN for Massage School?

Why should you go to BACN for Massage School?

Founded in 2004, Bay Area College of Nursing is committed to excellence in healthcare training. The school offers several programs and a strong community to provide...

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